An OuterBody Maze at Science Gallery’s GAME exhibition

I’ve been sharing tons of photos and anecdotes through the various social media about the show in Dublin, but wanted to capture the highlights here on my own site as well.

The Science Gallery was a great host! They provided excellent tech help, installation help, have an amazing space, and really know how to draw a crowd. The dedicated mediators who help guide visitors through the work are also an amazing feature. The venue gets 5000 visitors a week and the show will be up for 3 months. I wish I had turned the OuterBody setup into a streaming video channel.

They put together this informative video about the show, you’ll get to see how they’re contextualizing games and play in general into the current conversation about technology and culture.

I’ve also created a gallery of pictures from the setup, testing and opening of the show.

Game grid

A huge thanks goes out to the whole Science Gallery crew for your support! Michael John Gorman, Lynn Scarff, Alison Carey, Derek Williams, Sarah Krautz, Vicky Lee and everyone else! Let’s take it on tour :)

Here’s more coverage of the show featuring the OuterBody Maze:

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Games video rte

We made it into Wired
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The last 2 minutes of this video are dedicated to the OuterBody Maze
Siliconrepublic video still

An interview the Science Gallery did themselves

For more info overall check out

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